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  • Blood Is Less Viscous Than Honey

    This painting was made to the sounds of Doo-Wop, my father’s favorite music genre. I like honey more than blood. Who doesn’t besides anemics and vampires? And I bet if given the choice without dire consequence, Dracula would prefer to dip his toast in bee vomit rather than suck the blood out of new friends… Read…

  • How To Price a Painting

    How to Price a Painting My granddaughter paints. She is not an artist but she makes darn good art. She always finishes a piece she begins, usually before a half hour is up. She doesn’t care if you like her painting because she knows that you will. If she ever expected to get paid for… Read…

  • The Joy of Man’s Desiring

    Four days painting. Feb 14 – 17. To get the feel, and the moon is right, I’m not uptight. Get one for your wall and I’ll promise to keep the universe in steady vibration. Free book and 50% discount on bread kneading advice with every purchase. Just message if interested.