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Ron is a naive, intuitive painter and works with an uncommon desire toward self-liberation, yet also communion. He is in the world and out of it depending on his mood for the day, painting daily to discover and hold onto natural rhythms. Rarely does he draw with any instrument besides the paintbrush, and changes style often because he is hungry for originality. Artistically, Ron strives to perfect his limitations.
He works in the traditional style, with the simplest ingredients. Easel, paintbrush, and paint (acrylic and oil). To him, color, expression, and freedom of the brushstrokes is tantamount to his success as an artist.

Ron lives in a cedar shake cottage by the shore of Lake Ontario. Each day he awakes predawn with a charged exuberance that begins to wane with the rising sun. By afternoon he accepts financial failure as a routine chore of this modern day art business, keeping himself upright through supper and doing the dishes. At dusk he often takes dreamy walks with his wife Rose down to the lake, so lucky to have love even if career success is a crapshoot unto the big sleep. Oh well. He paints. He writes. Then night and restful slumber to another day of sublime torture.